Friday, March 6, 2009

The Strange Life and Death of James Brown

A Former Associate of James Brown claims to have proof that Mr. Brown wanted all of his money to go into the "I feel Good Trust that they created in 1987. The estate of James Brown is still unsettled in the Aiken County courtroom. But Jacque Hollander says it was settled 22 years ago.

Jacque Hollander was a songwriter and producer for James Brown in the 80’s. During that time, she says Brown was raising money through benefit concerts for poor and needy children. In 1987 she and Brown created the “I Feel Good Trust” to benefit the poor and needy of So. Carolina and Georgia.

She claims to have proof that Brown wanted 100% to go into this trust.
Hollander says she’s aware of the unraveling her claims could do to the case…but says she’s determined to carry out what she claims are brown’s wishes.

Jacque Hollander accused Brown of raping her at gunpoint in 1988. She filed a suit against him in 2005 asking for 106 million in damages, but it was thrown out because of the statute of limitations. She is trying to appeal.

The estate is estimated to be worth anywhere from 86 to 110 Million dollars.

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