Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rick Green - Connecticut's Caped Cusader

CT Confidential

Margot Claus, owes the court who wrongfully imprisoned her almost $1,000 according to Rick Green at the Hartfort Courant. The woman who was not a resident of Connecticut got tied up in the state probate system and had to be rescued German relatives.

Women's Cases Cry Out For Probate Reform from Rick Green at The Hartford Courant

There have been allegations of incompetence, corruption, and bribery that Green reports allows all kinds of people to make money off an old or ill person's estate. His probate blog posts are here.

Connecticut has a 300 year-old probate bureaucracy that runs 117 different courthouses and 117 judges. It does not allow jury trials and judges do not have to have training in the law. Courant columnist Rick Green has followed closely the stories of people caught up in the system and unfairly stripped of their rights. This reporting has finally paid off this year as Connecticut's Governor has introduced probate reform that will require probate judges to be members of the bar and consolidate the 117 courts into 36 courts corresponding to the boundaries of state senatorial districts.

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