Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Gift from Grandma

Filter Pure Inc., a nonprofit company started by Tracy Hawkins started last year with a partner in the Dominican Republic, combines old know-how and modern technology. Unglazed clay pots fired with the right ingredients can trap parasites, E. coli and other bacteria while the clean water drips through pores in the clay.

At a cost of about $30, a ceramic pot nestled in a 5-gallon plastic bucket can turn contaminated river water into clean drinking water for a family for five years.

After earning an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1985, Hawkins worked nearly 15 years in corporate America. She left corporate life in 1999, thanks to an inheritance from her grandmother. She spent her time learning pottery and volunteering at the school her children attended in Atlanta.

Hawkins said she strongly believes she’s found her life’s mission, thanks in large part to the money left by her grandmother.

“When she’s looking down on me from afar, I hope she’s saying: ‘That’s why I wanted you to have this. I knew you would do good works.’ “

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Another good reminder! Do your estate planning. Keep your plans up to date.

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