Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does a Lincoln still Live?

Obituary for Margaret Fristoe Beckwith
Margaret "Maggie" Beckwith, 87, a volunteer with the American Red Cross and the widow of President Abraham Lincoln's last heir, died March 10 of lung cancer at the Orchard, an assisted living facility in Warsaw, Va.

In 1950, she married James Poor Fristoe, an Air Force officer. That marriage ended in divorce. In 1979, she married Robert "Bob" Todd Lincoln Beckwith, the great-grandson of the president and the last Lincoln heir. She enjoyed accompanying her husband on Lincoln-related trips throughout the country and researching the family's heritage. Her husband, the grandson of Robert Todd Lincoln, died in 1985.

From the Washingtonpost Post Mortem by Joe Holley. (Taken from a Michael Beschloss article in the New Yorker 1994)

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith was President Lincoln's great-grandson and was thought to be the last Lincoln heir when he died in 1985.

Some people think that a Lincoln heir survives.

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith was married three times and claimed that he had no heirs. His second wife claimed otherwise. His third wife found out she was pregnant six months after the wedding, but Beckwith had had a vesectomy.

They divorced in 1976 where a trial was set in motion to determine whther the boy Timothy Lincoln Beckwith was a leigtimate Lincoln heir. He was seven at the time and stood to inherit more than $10,000,000. The boys mother left for Europe and refused to return. The divorce was granted and the court ruled that the child was the product of an "adulterous relationship." The judge said that another court would have to rule whether young Timothy could still seek the Lincoln fortune.

When Beckwith died in 1985, the three groups that were to inherit his millions -- Iowa Wesleyan College, the American Red Cross and the First Church of Christ, Scientist -- were worried about Timothy Beckwith, then 17 years old. The groups made him an offer -- the teenager said yes, and with that the "Lincoln family tree withered into history."
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Kevin Newman said...

What a shame that because of the greed of "certain groups" the bloodline of possibly the greatest American and American President has now ended. What a travesty. The American people should be ashamed for allowing this to happen to their greatest saviour.

Anonymous said...

I am baffled that there is not more info out there about other possible heirs. I tend to wonder about Timothy because if he is an heir, does he have children? I tend to think that he won't come forward at his young age because he is NOT an heir and knows it? And where is the info as to WHY his dad supposedly had a vasectomy? did he for sure? I believe that much of this info is legally private, and this is why we shall never know the truth. but, since AAbraham Lincoln was a historical presidential man, we the public deserve to know, as it is part of history. so Timothy, you should speak up and or get your DNA tested so America knows the real truth about Lincoln's lineage.

Dean said...

I didn't think vasectomies were always 100% successful. I agree with Anonymous that Timothy should get his DNA tested. He has nothing to lose financially since the settlement is concluded. People deserve to know if the Lincoln family lives on or not. His children deserve to know if they are related to A. Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

The genealogy of the man called Abraham Lincoln is in question itself. Newman is wrong to refer to him as a "savior."

TNE said...

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been told I am a descendant of the Lincoln family. I do not know if this is true however, if it is I think it's a honor to have such powerful and famous ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Timothy will probably never have his DNA tested, because of the fear of him REALLY knowing the truth! Now, at least, he can admit that he MAY be the true Lincoln heir. He has much to lose, and if he's smart will NEVER have his DNA tested!

Anonymous said...

But I would love to know the truth of President Lincoln's lineage too.

Anonymous said...

Robert Todd lincoln beckwith was my step grandfather..it is understand that the whole relationship and the child were all a scam to take advantage of this kind man who I knew my entire life. I know nothing concretely, but this is how I understand it. It is sad that the Lincoln family line ended, but I am happy that I was able to know the LAST heir.

Unknown said...

This man was a pathetic loser because he claimed he had a vasectomy so that he won't leave any money to his children