Friday, March 6, 2009


Ayer Mill, Lawrence Massachusetts

An indictment accuses John F. Doorly, 60, of misappropriating the money and using it for buying real estate, cars, airplanes and golf club memberships. The alleged crimes happened while Doorly was chief operating officer of Tenens Corp., where he worked for more than 30 years. The alleged the embezzlement probably began at least a decade ago without detection.

He was charged in a Wednesday in a federal indictment of assessing millions in phony fees, transferring company funds to himself and hiding the theft with various schemes, including false financial statements.

Tenens Corp. was set up to manage money for the family of Lowell industrialist Ayer, the first president of American Woolen.

The American Woolen Company was established in 1899 under the leadership of William M. Wood and his father-in-law Frederick Ayer through the consolidation of eight financially troubled New England woolen mills. It was purchased by Textron in 1955.

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