Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silence is Golden

Taylor Stein, the mother of Estée Lauder CEO William Lauder's love child, is going to court to get him to pay a $9.5 million settlement he agreed to last November in exchange for her silence, according to the Gawker Stein agreed to move to California and not disclose the identity of Djuna's father to anyone, even Djuna herself.

A court date has been set for March 20.

William, who has two daughters with his wife, Karen, decided last year he had to meet his new daughter. So he flew to Los Angeles. Stein's lawyer says Karen Lauder learned of the visit and ordered William not to contact his daughter or her mother again — yet, according to emails filed with the court petition, he continued to correspond with her.

William then asked Stein to fly with Djuna to New York. Evelyn Lauder, William's mother, learned of her granddaughter's presence in town and asked to meet her. William's wife Karen then reportedly demanded Stein and Djuna stay out of New York and threatened to divorce William.

Stein's attorney believes that Karen is less concerned about William seeing Djuna than her mother-in-law getting to know the child. He says, if Evelyn and Leonard Lauder write Djuna into their will, Karen's daughters will get a smaller cut of the family's estimated $3 billion fortune.

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