Monday, July 20, 2009

Pre-nup Contested on Claim Spouse is Rich

As reported by tmz, George Lazenby, who once played James Bond in 1969, is challenging his prenuptial agreement on grounds that his estranged wife and Baltimore native Pamela Shriver has a much bigger house and is so rich it makes him feel bad, and that his kids don't take him seriously. Pamela Shriver is a former tennis professional with 22 Grand Slam doubles titles and a 1988 Olympic gold medal. Lazenby is asking a judge to void the prenup and award him $16,133 in monthly support.

He says his wife is "30 times a millionaire" and he has only a million. Boo hoo. Is Lazenby essentially asking the court to void a prenup because it hurts his pride that his wife is so much richer than he? Not a very convincing argument. We say that if the pre-nup is valid, it's too late to change his mind now.

In Utah, courts do in fact honor pre-nuptial agreements, but only if they meet strict criteria. Pre-nuptial agreements are clearly the type of document you want a competent attorney to draft. At Hughes Estate Group we draft pre-nup agreements. We recently had one of our agreements challenged and upheld in litigation. We can help you do these agreements right.

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