Friday, July 17, 2009

Incomplete Pass--McNair and Estate Planning

Professional quarterback Steve Mcnair cheated on his wife and was killed by his girl friend. He had sons from prior liaisons with different women. He earned more than $75 million during his 13-year NFL career with the Titans and Ravens, and--you guessed it--he never completed any estate planning.

It appears that settling Steve McNair's affairs is going to be messy.

The Tennessean reports that the family of at least one of the two sons born before McNair's marriage will file a claim for a share of the slain quarterback's estate.

McNair didn't leave a will and his widow Mechelle has filed court papers saying she and sons Tyler, 11, and Trenton, 6, are the heirs. Mechelle's probate petition states that she cannot confirm whether two other boys are Mr. McNair's children.

One of those boys, McNair's oldest (alleged) son, Steven L. McNair Jr., is a senior and star wide receiver at Oak Grove High in Hattiesburg, Miss.

His second (alleged) son, Steven O'Brian Koran McNair, 15, lives in Mount Olive, Miss. The younger Steven's grandmother told the Tennessean that the boy received $500 a month for child support.

So many problems that could have been handled so easily with good estate planning.

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