Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Wasn't What She Thought He Was.

Gabrielle Mee, who died last year, left her multi-million dollar estate to the Legionaires of Christ which is located in Orange, Connecticut. She had given the Order a good deal of money before she died as well. She was a devout woman who took Holy Communion every day of her life since the age of 12. She lived at the order's center for consecrated women in Greenville, R.I. for at least a decade.

The family is challenging the will based on a sex scandal involving the order's founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado. He was accused of molesting more than a dozen young boys, fathering an illegitimate child, and misappropriate funds.

In May 2006, Pope Benedict XVI disciplined Degollado, inviting him to "a reserved life of prayer and penitence"; no explanation was given to the public or to the Legionaries of Christ. Degollado died in 2008 at age 87.

Family members say they believe that if Mee knew of the sex scandal and Vatican investigation, she would not have made the order her beneficiary.

The court has given the family until their October court date to gather evidence, subpoena records, and depose witnesses.

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