Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Come Here Sweetie Little Hubby-Pig!

Nina Wang, a.k.a. Little Sweetie, is in the news again. The fight for her inheritance goes on. The fight is centered around the existence of two wills, one in 2002 which gives Wang's $4 billion dollar estate to a foundation linked to the family's privately-held company and one dated to 2006, which was drafted while Wang was suffering from cancer. This later will gives her estate to her feng shui master, Tony Chan, a married man 23 years younger than herself. Mr. Chan has been arguing his case based on claims he had a marital type relationship with Wang, even though he is married and has three children (one is named Wealthee Chan).

Mr. Chan's case rests largely on his relationship with Mrs. Wang, reports the New York Times. He claims Wang had pet names for him and called him (translated from Cantonese) “Hubby,” “Hubbykins” and the rather unfortunate sounding “Hubby-pig.” This epic romance started out with a head rub that cost the wealthy land tycoon $6500.

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