Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Excuses. Never again.

Professors being Funny! From the Pawfsblog.

Birth of a Reactionary

"Last night's prime-time presidential press conference gave me new insight into the substantial minority of citizens who passionately, vituperatively opposed FDR at the outset of the New Deal. I used to think they were just a bunch of top-hatted plutocrats, alarmed at losing their class prerogatives and outraged to be betrayed by one of their own."

Now I know better: they were mad that Fibber McGee and Molly were preempted by another a fireside chats.

"So, ironically, just as my Republican co-blogger Rick starts having nice things to say about Obama, I have now become an implacable opponent. Crisis or no crisis, there is no excuse whatsoever for preempting House."

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