Friday, February 6, 2009


A “limiter” device shut power to his residence shortly after it was installed and it was never reset. The device limits power and it blows out like a fuse if power usage rises past a pre-set level. The power can’t be restored until the device is reset. The power to the mans apartment was shut off four days later instead of the required ten.

Neighbors believed the workers from Bay City Power apparently did not tell the man about the devise. They also believe that the 93-year man may not have understood anyway due to possible early stage dementia. He was found frozen to death on the floor. The temperature inside his house was was so cold the water in the tap was frozen solid.

When Marvin Schur’s body was discovered, the overdue electrical bill was on his kitchen table, with cash clipped to it to pay for it.

The Bay City man has left behind a will leaving more that half-million dollars to the Bay Regional Medical Center. Marvin Schur’s entire estate, $600,000 has been reportedly left to the hospital.

The state Attorney General, Mike Cox, is reviewing the power company’s policies on shut offs. The city has suspended all shut offs for the remainder of the winter months.

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