Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't take a slice of my pie!

And from the inheritance fight that never dies, The Pacific Daily News reports the the son of DHL co-founder Larry Hillblon has sued his attorneys and others in federal court in California accusing them of taking too much money from his multimillion-dollar settlement.

According to Hillblom's Feb. 3 complaint, his attorneys were supposed to collect only 38 percent from Hillblom's share of the $550 million Hillblom estate, plus expenses, but they allegedly collected 56 percent. He and three other Hillblom children were each awarded 90 million dollars.

Girls from several Asian and Pacific countries made claims that he was the father of their children. Most of Saipan's attorneys became involved in the case. It was ultimately determined that a Vietnamese child, 2 Filipino children, and a child from Palau were heirs.

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