Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Daughter charged in $1M theft from parents
By Dennis B. Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of having tricked her elderly parents(both in their 80s) into signing over control of their home and savings, then moved into their house and wrote herself checks for everything from credit card bills to a country club membership.
She is accused of stealing or attempting to steal $1 million in cash and property.7.

She coerced her mother into signing a power of attorney while the elderly woman was hospitalized with a broken hip on July 3, 2007. Her father who has since been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, was already suffering dementia at the time he signed a power of attorney. The legal documents gave wide-ranging powers including the ability to add herself to the couple's bank accounts. The elderly woman told detectives that she thought she was signing documents that would temporarily allow her daughter to pay bills while she was hospitalized.

Please! Please! everyone! The time to make these decisions is long before you're sick. And review them at least yearly. No one believes that this can happen to them.

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