Thursday, July 21, 2011

Switt Family Will Not Inherit Gold Coins

An update on a blog I wrote a few days ago regarding Israel Switt, Israel Switt's heirs, and a lawsuit against the government to inherit gold coins.

A jury decided against Israel Switt's heirs. Gold coins discovered in a safety deposit box by his daughter, Joan Langord, were turned over to the government for authentication. It was determined the gold coins were authentic double eagles gold coins that were minted and then melted back into gold bars at the direction of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The coins were never sold to the public. Ms. Langord sued the government claiming her family were heirs to the gold coins. The government's lawyers convinced the jury that Mr. Switt underhandedly obtained the gold coins from a cashier inside the U.S. Mint thus making the property stolen property rather than an inheritance for Mr. Switt's heirs.

Read here for more information on the matter.

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