Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Last Will: Play Beethoven's Music in the Order I Like It.

If you are in Buffalo, New York, consider attending a unique annual "Strictly Beethoven" concert performed at the University of Buffalo. John Slee, a resident of Buffalo, loved Beethoven's music. In his will, he instructed his Personal Representative to establish a fund that would make it possible for Beethoven's music to be played for years to come--with one condition. The pieces had to be played in the order Mr. Slee liked to hear them. Since 1955 when the fund was established, the University of Buffalo has played Beethoven's music just as Mr. Slee loved to hear it.

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Mike Clark said...

That's a very extraordinary request, but nobody could deny his wishes. Wills ARE more than just ink and paper, and carrying them out is a sign of respect for the deceased.