Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ultimate Family Feud

The ultimate family feud stars two families of completely different background and has been going on for thousands of years between the Palestinian and Israeli sides of the family.

At Moorepark College, Prof Linda McDill discusses a family feud that goes as far back as the story of Father Abraham and the Promise, where God promised Abraham and his wife Sarah a child, despite Abraham's age.

Abraham had two sons, one. Ishmael, with his caretaker Hagar. He became the first natural heir of the Arab nations. And a son, Isaac, with his wife, Sarah. Isaac became the heir of the nation of Israel.

The feud revolves around this biblical story, with Muslims believing Ishmael to be the natural heir of the Holy Land, being the first-born. Jews believe the heir is Isaac. The ancient family feud is the central conflict that has lasted thousands of years.

From the Student Voice by Tim Weisberg.

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