Monday, April 20, 2009

A Dinosaur of an Estate Plan

Michael Crichton, who was married five times, didn't provide for any of his ex-wives when he died last year. He provided for his daughter through a trust and he provided for his widow, Sherri, through a prenuptial agreement that limits her share of the estate. The author even stated in his will that he wanted the prenuptial agreement to be honored.

Who he didn't provide for his son who was born three months after he died. It is not known whether the author knew about the pregnancy. The omitted child is entitled a third of the trust according to Now, even though she signed the prenuptial, she could be named the guardian over her young son's estate, which is valued in the millions and will continue to grow. Mr. Crichton left at least one finished novel and part of a second. They will both be published as part of a $30 million deal Crichton signed in 2001.

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