Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Connecticut Officials Choosing Corrupt Outdated Probate System over Reform

Apparently the much needed probate reform in Connecticut has stalled.

From Rick Green Only in Connecticut

Hartford lawyer Peter Costas had this to say in a commentary in today's Courant:

The present system is the last bastion of patronage and cronyism in Connecticut. Probate judges can appoint their friends and supporters as guardians, conservators, etc. Probate judges can provide campaign contributions to legislators in the hopes that they will support their position. As a result, legislators may block efforts to reform, if not abolish, the probate court.

There are 117 probate courthouses - about one for every 30,000 residents in the state. The reformers, which includes the governor, want any contested conservatorship moved to the Superior Court where the judges have to be qualified, unlike probate judge appointees. The Connecticut courts have imposed conservatorships in at least three cases that were outrageous and sparked this latest push for reform.

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