Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Review: "Philanthropy Heirs & Values"

"Philanthropy Heirs & Values" written by Roy Williams and Vic Preisser discusses how to help heirs learn money principles during their growing up years so that they can wisely handle their inheritance once parents have died. The book is geared towards more wealthy individuals, but I think the principles they talk about could be used by any family to learn sound money skills and the joy of philanthropy.

Briefly, the authors discuss three general skills children need to learn: values, mission, and accountability. The authors further discuss how these three skills should be taught to children during five developmental periods of a child's life. The five developmental periods are:

Age 5-10 Awakening Years, discovering one's personal influence.
Age 11-15 Exploring Years, discovering self in the midst of change.
Age 16-20 Developing Years, understanding accountability.
Age 21-30 Applying Years, maximizing the value of contributions.
Beyond 30 Mentoring Years, unifying the family through Philanthropy.

You can find "Philanthropy Heirs & Values" here.

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