Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review: "The Parent Care Conversation"

Dan Taylor experienced an emotional five years caring for his father who had developed Alzheimer's. After Mr. Taylor's father's death, Mr. Taylor developed a plan with ways to talk to parents about their financial and health care concerns before the parents actually need help. His book, The Parent Care Conversation: 6 strategies for dealing with the emotional and financial challenges of aging parents is a good book to read before sitting down with loved ones and discussing financial and health care concerns.

Mr. Taylor's plan presents six conversations that need to be made between children and parents. The six conversations are:

  • The Big Picture Conversation

  • The Money Conversation

  • The Property Conversation

  • The House Conversation

  • The Professional Care Conversation

  • The Legacy Conversation
It is not always easy to talk about the future especially when discussing parents financial and health care needs. But it is really crucial for the peace of mind of both the children and parents to be prepared for the inevitable. Therefore, we recommend reading Mr. Taylor's book.

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