Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the Archives (NYT Collection)

Rosa and Josefa Blazeck were congenital twins jointed at the hip. They made their living traveling with carnival shows. They caused a ruckus when Rosa became pregnant and had a baby boy named Franzl in 1910. Many doubted that the baby was actually hers. It is also said that the father wanted to marry Rosa, but couldn't because it would be considered bigamy.

The death of Rosa and Josefa Blazek left the Cook County Probate Court with an unprecedented legal problem. If they were one person the son will inherit a $200,000 fortune which was accumulated by the twins during their exhibition tours of the world. If they were two distinct persons, Rosa being the mother and Josefa the aunt, only Rosa's half of the estate would go to the lad while Josefa's closest relatives, her father and four brothers, would be entitled to her half.

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