Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gifts To Grandchildren

Gifts given to grandchildren by grandparents can be a great blessing.  Kelly Greene wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal September 14, 2012, titled "Are You Coddling Your Grandkids?"  In her article, Ms. Greene indicates five ways to give to a grandchild something and at the same time not creating a sense of entitlement from a grandchild.
First, Ms. Greene says you must, "Pare your gifts to offset the pain."  In other words, don't give to the extent that you jeopardize your own financial care.
Second, Ms. Greene say you might consider making a gift a loan rather than an outright gift.  If the loan is handled properly, it might be a good way to help the grandchild and at the same time allowing them to make their own way in the world.
Third, Ms. Greene says a grandparent can create teaching moments.  Gifting stock or investments rather than cash can be a way of teaching grandchildren the value of money as an example.
Fourth, Ms. Greene says it is a good idea to delay a grandchild's gratification.  Gifting money at certain dates or events rather than on a regular basis can help grandchildren rely on their own resources first.
Fifth, Ms. Greene counsels to practice equality.  One of the most common reasons for litigation between family members if perceived favoritism. 
As you choose to gift assets, it is wise to take into account the feelings of family members and how said gifts will affect them in the long run.

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