Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exotic Fates of 10 People Who Shoulda Known Better

In 1912, an Austrian tailor named Franz Reichelt came to believe that he had successfully made a coat that would double as a parachute.

"Instead of testing it by, say, jumping from the roof of a barn onto a haystack, he traveled to Paris and leapt off the Eiffel Tower, falling 197 feet to his death."

In 2006, Ohtaj Humbat Ohli Makhmudov of Azerbaijan attempted to prove the existence of God by climbing into a lion’s den at the Kyiv Zoo in Ukraine. “Because God loves me,”

Veronica, one of the zoo’s trio of lionesses, pounced on him, leaving 10 puncture wounds in his neck. He died instantly.

The rest are at obit-mag.com

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