Monday, May 4, 2009

Monumental House Cleaning

Cleaning out the belongings of parents who passed away or moved out due to illness is a tremendous chore. When the parent specifically dictates in writing where they want everything to go it is much easier on the family and may avert family fights. Start having conversations with your parents event if it's uncomfortable at first. Pare away at belongings as they age and items fall into disuse.

Other suggestions:
Siblings should go through the house together if a distribution hasn't been specifically dictated.
Shred documents that have person identification and health info in them.
Consider having things professionally appraised.


April said...

Once in awhile, you need to clean your stuffs to make your house look clean and neat all the time. This would make your house a good place to rest after a long week of work. Also, this would be pleasing to the eyes and nose of your unexpected visitors.

Sandy said...

It is really essential to spend time to clean your own properties once in awhile to get rid of dusts and mess around your place. Disposing off your trash properly is also a very important to help save our environment.